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Hotels, restaurants, cafes


Zown furniture is suitable for events.


Ergonomic and practical furniture.

European quality

EN 581-1
EN 581-2
EN 581-3
EN 15372
EN 16139
EN 16121

Zown folding furniture meets all European requirements, which is why it is also a popular choice among customers who demand quality and is suitable for professional use. Certificates ensure security, durability and strength.


UNE EN 12722

Zown furniture has passed the high temperature endurance test at 120ºC for ~20 minutes. The products are also suitable for use in factories or industries.

Zown Warranty

Zown warranty is up to 10 years! When you buy Zown furniture, you can be sure that the products will last and create value for your company.

Foldable table / folding table

You can find round tables, square tables, special shaped tables in the Zown product range. All models are available in different sizes. We also have Premium furniture separately, which is intended for professionals who use folding tables daily. Tables with adjustable height, that can be used in different conditions.

Foldable chair / folding chair

Ergonomic folding chair designed for both outdoor and indoor use. We have different types of folding chairs to choose from that can be stored in a small room. The chairs are also suitable for intensive use, e.g. at outdoor events, cafes, etc. The load capacity of the chair is up to 272 kg, which is higher than many metal frame party chairs.

Real durability tests

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